Hello and thank you for your interest in Pulse Health and Fitness Club. We believe in getting to know our members as individuals and figured you might be curious about us. So, here is how we became involved in the gym business and ultimately helping our members transform their lives through fitness.

I was in a near fatal car accident when I was fifteen years old and had to spend 49 days in intensive care. Recovery was slow and painful and I am thankful to be alive here today. While I was healing in the hospital, I was touched by the many people who cared for me and nursed me back to health. It was during those long touch-and-go weeks that I decided I wanted to do something to help people achieve optimal health for their bodies.

As a result, I got my BS in Sports Management and worked my way through college as a Personal Trainer. I developed my own personal training business with the eventual goal in mind of opening my own fitness center. When I turned 30 that dream became a reality and “Pulse” was formed; yes, the Pulse is still beating nine years later!

I met my wife, Laura – the runner – while, well, running and a few marathons later we were married. We have two daughters and a son who keep us running all of the time as well. Laura’s background in helping others combined with her love of exercise and interest in overall health make her a natural in the fitness industry. Together, we make a team who is dedicated to providing our members with the best fitness experience we think possible.

It is our goal to help people, regardless of their exercise background, realize their full physical potential. We do this by getting to know our members as individuals and listening to them first before implementing an exercise program.
We hope we get the chance to know you.

Yours in good health,

Robert Gaffney, II
Owner & Manager